Acute loans – for when time is in short supply


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If you are in a situation where you need to spend some money here and now, it may be an opportunity to investigate some of the 2018 high-speed loans to offer you. There has been a great demand among Danes over the past few years, on loans that are easy, manageable and quick to apply for. This type of loan is a fairly broad term that is often used for loans where:

The application for the loan is processed quickly

Contacting the bank to get a consumer loan is often a fairly long process. First, you have to obtain a lot of different documents, including often one’s tax return or tax assessment from SKAT. In addition, it is also not unusual for you to be asked to obtain pay slips from a given period if you have to apply for a quick loan in 2018 .

Payment of the loan takes place on one’s Bank

Image result for acute loansAs many of these loans are some you apply for online, for your own safety, it has become customary for the loan to be paid to your Bank. In this way one ensures, among other things, that no one has taken out a loan under a false name. Since the applications are typically signed with Easy ID, one can risk that a person who has been stolen his / her identity, in principle, may have a lot of loans standing, which he or she does not know anything about. You are protected against this, as you will always get the money paid out to your own account – if there was someone who should have abused his CPR number. It also means that you are more flexible in terms of what you can use the loan for. In this case, quick loans in 2018 [quick loans 2018] are typically something that is used for special purposes – for example, deposits, new furniture, repairs on the car or the like. For traditional loans, the money is earmarked for the specific purpose they are borrowed for – for example, house or car. With a consumer loan, you decide where the money will go after they are smoked into your Bank.

In principle, this means that you can use a consumer loan to get a lot of the little things that have gone and let them wait for a little too long.

Payment of the loan typically takes place within a few bank days

Since the vast majority of the application process is digital, you can also expect the money to be quickly on your Bank. It is not unusual for you to have the money the same day, depending on when the day you apply for the loan. And this is clearly one of the great benefits. Too often it may be urgent matters to pay – be it the plumbing, the mechanic or something else. And the sooner you get the money transferred to your bank account, the faster you can pay the people or things you need to spend money on and then move on in your life.

Interest rates are slightly higher than with other loans

Fast loans in 2018 [quick loans 2018] Are typically more expensive than, for example, car or home loans. The reason for this is basically that you do not put anything to safety. It is so that if you have a mortgage you stop paying on, the bank can in principle (after a visit to the bailiff) demand that your property be sold at a forced sale so that they can get some of their money back.
With consumer loans you do not have the same opportunities to “take a mortgage” in something of value – precisely because the money is not earmarked. It can be a challenge for the providers, but usually does not have any effect on the customer. However, one must expect that the loan provider wants to be compensated for his “rate”. And so the interest rate is typically higher than with other loans. However, prices are not so different if you look at the prices the bank must have versus the prices that you can find online.

One should be aware that consumer loans are often produced in the media as being somewhat negative. It is even so much up to the media that a program has been made specifically for people who cannot handle their personal finances – and here, consumer loans are often shown to be part of – if not the whole problem – of people’s finances. It does not, however, have to be detrimental to your economy to take up a consumer loan – as long as you do not borrow more than you can afford to repay.

Here it can be a good idea, among other things, to use some of the available online loan calculators you can find to find out exactly which consumer loan will best fit your life and your unique situation. This is how you look in and compare different consumer loan terms, interest rates, maturity repayment amounts and much more. In this way one can quickly form an overview, and then make a (hopefully) more qualified decision about his economy. If you are still a bit unsafe, you can also bring the loan applications down into the bank so that your advisor can actually see that you have done a job out of it. Of course, a bonus is also that here you give the bank the opportunity to come up against the applications you have sent off – so they may be able to help with some better interest rates, extra benefits, discounts on insurance or one of the other thousands of goods you can get in his bank.

However, this requires that you already have a good relationship with your bank, otherwise you will find it difficult to try to negotiate the interest rate. But if you have it, and if you arrive well prepared for the meeting with the counselor, you can jointly make a more future-oriented decision about one’s economy in general, and which quick loan best suits one’s own situation. And as long as one agrees with what it actually costs to repay the loan over a period of time, then there should be no unpleasant surprises associated with it – simply because as a Danish consumer is quite well protected by various laws.