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More and more Danes are registered every day in RKI for one reason or another. Despite the fact that an RKI registration can have major consequences and a lot of limitations in daily life, it is not the downfall of the world and there are fortunately lots that you can do yourself to delete your registration.

If you are not familiar with the RKI or are aware of how registered it works, it is quite simple to explain: rki is Denmark’s comprehensive register of all bad payers in Denmark, ie persons who have previously borrowed or entered into other financial agreements or repayment arrangements that they have not met or paid on time. If you do not maintain your agreement with your loan provider, they can at your discretion enter and report you.

Once registered, all other public companies have the opportunity to go in and see your case and see that you owe money. The easiest way to be deleted from rki is of course to pay back the money, but if you fail to do so, your registration will automatically be deleted after 5 years without you having to do anything yourself. Here, however, it is important that you are aware that you can easily be registered in RKI several times, but never with the same debt item. If you are registered in RKI with 4 reports, you must pay out all 4 debt items before you are deleted or at least 5 years must pass. for each alert before you are automatically removed.

We fully understand that many people who are registered in the registry have limited financial freedom and since it can be almost impossible to get a credit card, credit card or debit on mobile phones, the providers on the web have found that there is use for RKI registrants to take out loans online. We will therefore look briefly at how you can borrow money with rki and where to look.

First and foremost, you should prepare yourself for many refunds when applying for a loan and registered in the RKI. It is also why it is almost never possible to submit applications to random loan companies. Instead, do your homework from the start, and find solely loan companies that are willing to lend money to people who are registered.

Even when you have found a loan provider where your registration seems to be no problem, you should be both critical and careful. Unfortunately, many loan providers are well aware that many RKI-registered people want to borrow on the net, which is also the reason why they falsely advertise for RKI loans. Before you waste your time and submit your application, we will always recommend that you thoroughly read the individual terms and conditions before you proceed and submit an application. It may be difficult to find the perfect RKI loan, but nothing is impossible. Use the various calculators online so you are sure that you will get a great deal.