10 reasons why Odd Taxi is a must-see anime


There is a long list of anime that can be considered modern-day classics, but only an elite catalog can boast of the best anime streaming services have to offer. Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, and Death threat everything comes to mind, and these are familiar choices. But every once in a while there’s an anime that slips through the cracks and fails to get the recognition it really deserves – just like Strange taxi.

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Since its debut in April 2021, weird taxi was considered by many to be one of the most underrated anime currently available to stream. There are different facets that make strange taxi stand out as a sleeper shot. Anime fans looking for something a little different should definitely give strange taxi a watch.

ten The omission of fan service

Odokawa drives Miho in his cab

For an anime like strange taxi, implementing fan service would only serve to hamper the series as a whole by diminishing the impact of its underlying themes. weird taxi places story, subject matter, and character development at the top of its goals.

This focus allows weird taxi act as a social commentary on the current social condition of Japan and, by extension, the world. In this case, the omission of fan service not only benefits the anime, it elevates it and ultimately allows the most crucial elements of storytelling to take precedence.

9 Anthropomorphism as a narrative device

Awkward selfie with Odokawa

While weird taxi is certainly not the first anime with an anthropomorphic world of characters, it is the most distinct. Which makes weird taxi standing out in an already saturated market is the different approach it takes to the characters that populate its world.

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A bit like the characters of the great graphic novel Blacksad by Juan Díaz Canales, these characters look more like humans presented as animals than animals presented with human qualities. Due to this rarely implemented approach, weird taxi feels fresh and ultimately much more appealing.

8 Witty dialogue makes a lot of humor

Odokawa driving with two passengers

Despite its brilliantly crafted themes, weird taxi still manages to be intensely funny throughout its thirteen-episode run. There are a myriad of character interactions amid fabulously fun storylines.

Odokawa’s conversations with his passengers or insightful responses to an awkward or intense encounter such as Odokawa’s numerous run-ins with the police add a distinct humor to the series. So, in addition to a large number of other positive attributes, weird taxi happens to be way more fun than it has a right to be.

seven A world of colorful characters

Mystery kiss and gifts

weird taxi features a fantastic cast of highly intriguing characters who play a crucial role in shaping the world Odokawa inhabits. Each character is finely tuned to a rare degree of plausible authenticity, possessing incredibly realistic personas.

By the end of the series, these characters feel as relevant as they are intentional. As a result, these characters not only encompass qualities that make them extremely fascinating, but also emotionally invested. Of course, that makes their travels all the more enticing.

6 Unique artistic style and attention to detail

Odokawa and the police

There’s a long list of reasons why strange taxi is a must-watch series, but one of the less discussed reasons is the anime’s unique and equally impressive art style. The animation work, handled by OLM and PICS studios, is wonderfully intricate to handle how the protagonist’s visual agnosia contributes to how the set design is portrayed.

This level of attention to detail not only elevates strange taxi by its conclusion, but also highlights the important role that Odokawa’s visual impairment plays in shaping the anime’s world.

5 Gloriously raise the stakes

Dobu smoking with umbrella

strange taxi is both wonderfully paced and patient, as evidenced by the shrewd approach taken to upping the ante throughout the series. Never has the term “looks can be deceiving” been more apt in the case of anime. strange taxi is much more than it initially seems.

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What at first glance appears to be a simple anime about an ordinary taxi driver is actually a fascinating world of mystery with twists around every corner. Somehow, a collection of mundane, everyday, and ordinary conversations evolves brilliantly into the search for a missing girl, the perils of social media, and a parochial taxi driver inadvertently mingling with the wrong crowd. .

4 Terrific and unique protagonist

Odokawa driving a taxi

weird taxi has an incredible cast of completely captivating characters, but none more so than the protagonist himself. Hiroshi Odokawa is a 41-year-old Morse taxi driver who is one of the most idiosyncratic characters in recent memory. Interestingly enough, Odokawa manages to be both narrow-minded and simultaneously insightful.

Although he finds many of the people he meets intolerable, he remains distinctly perceptive, allowing him to find the most suitable solution to his problems as they arise. Plus, the clever mix of quick-witted dialogue and nearly expressionless delivery combine perfectly to create a protagonist that’s both oddly compelling and equally compelling.

3 Great twists

Odokawa and Dobu by taxi

Every good plot incorporates a number of twists to keep things compelling and Odd Taxi is no different. In fact, viewers ready to embark on this emotional roller coaster should be told to expect the unexpected.

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Throughout the series, many unpredictable twists are scrupulously woven into the fabric of its superb story. It’s only at the end of the journey, when the roller coaster stops, that you realize how strange taxi finally settles down.

2 A clever exploration of real-world problems

Cat gone crazy in Odd Taxi

weird taxiit is the scholarly exploration of real-world issues is distinctly impressive. In the same way, it is also extraordinarily precise. weird taxi is more than just anime; it is a social commentary intelligently examining the human condition and raising several important points about the current situation of humanity.

The anime, which deals with obsession with social media, idolatry, drug addiction, and mental health, to name a few, wisely incorporates these fundamentally salient issues in a way that both significant and respectable, leaving an impression that lingers in the mind long after the finale. episode.

1 Beautifully written deep narrative

Odokawa and Kakihana in the sauna

Say that weird taxi is well written would be a huge understatement. weird taxi is so much more than that. It’s a fusion of excellent storytelling, sublime character development, and social commentary. It’s eminently logical and presents a largely defensible description of many of the issues plaguing society today.

And while the events may take place in Japan, the issues weird taxi Freebies can easily be applied to any other country in the world. Simply put, Kazuya Konomoto’s writing is masterful and reflects a deep understanding of how to collectively tell a great story while simultaneously enacting an important message.

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