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24-year-old socialite begs the judge not to ban her because she “cannot use the buses”


Kay Holcroft thought a 30-minute train trip would have sobered her up, but her appeal for leniency was rejected, saying having to take public transport would have a “massive impact” on her life

Kay Holcroft, 24, pleaded to avoid a driving ban at Stockport Magistrates Court

A wealthy drinking socialite who thought a short train ride to pick up her BMW would have sobered her up begged her to avoid a ban because she can’t cope with public transport.

Kay Holcroft, 24, was arrested by police on August 15, who found her 21 points above the blood alcohol limit.

Prestbury’s assistant accountant, Cheshire, had been drinking in Didsbury when she was arrested after she was seen swerving, the Manchester Evening News report.

She said she thought she could get behind the wheel after her 30-minute train ride to collect her vehicle in Manchester.

She begged a judge to stay on the road, saying a ban would have a “massive impact” on her as she would be forced to take buses and trains to get to work.

She posted glamorous photos of herself on Instagram with the caption: “Hello weekend – it’s been a while.”


Kay Holcroft / Cavendish Press (M)

Accounting assistant was banned from driving for 15 months


Cavendish Press)

The call fell on deaf ears and Holcroft, who works for a fashion chain, was banned from driving for 15 months after admitting to driving with excess alcohol.

Prosecutor Gareth Hughes told the hearing: “Police were on patrol in the Prestbury area and when, just after midnight, they saw the accused’s BMW swerve and be driven erratically.

Police arrested her outside the Ye Olde Admiral Rodney pub.

“She said she had visited a pub in Manchester and as the officers approached they could smell the alcohol on her breath, her eyes were bloodshot and glassy as well. She confirmed that she had been drinking with a friend an hour earlier in Manchester.

“She took a breathalyzer test.”

She was also fined £ 200 and ordered to pay £ 119 in costs


Kay Holcroft / Cavendish Press (M)

Their tests showed Holcroft had 56 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath. The legal limit is 35 mg.

Speaking on behalf of the defense, defense attorney Sam Fixter said: “This defendant has no previous convictions or warnings, and she has a clean driving record.

“She had been to Manchester and had gone to dinner with a friend. She drank a few glasses of wine and took the train home.

“She thought that due to the time lapse during the train journey, there had been enough time for the alcohol to dissipate and thus be able to return home. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and she was over the limit.

Her car was parked in a secluded parking lot a short walk from her house, but she didn’t want to leave her car overnight.

She is extremely remorseful. She works in Cheetham Hill, Manchester as an assistant accountant and this case will have a huge impact on her as she will now have to use various public transport to get to work. ”

Holcroft was also fined £ 200 and £ 119 in costs and surcharges.

Mayor JP Shah told him, “We have taken into consideration the work you do but if you have had a drink you should take a taxi.

“You don’t know what your body can handle. Go out and have a drink but book a cab next time. A taxi would have been much cheaper than losing your license for 15 months. Hope you received this message.

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