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A video shows what happens when a driverless car is stopped


A recent video posted online shows a driverless cruiser stopped in San Francisco by police who discovered the self-driving vehicle had no one behind the wheel.

In the video posted on April 1, the cruiser car initially stops on the side of the road and comes to a halt when a cop approaches from the driver’s side before accelerating through an intersection and coming to a stop further. on the road.

“Are you serious? How’s it going?” shouts a passerby in the video.

Cruise said Sunday the car performed as expected.

“Our AV yielded to the police vehicle and then pulled over to the nearest safe location as planned. An officer contacted Cruise personnel and no citation was issued,” Cruise said. mentioned on his corporate Twitter account.

Cruise told CNBC that the San Francisco Police Department has a dedicated phone number available 24/7 for officers to call when the company’s driverless vehicles are pulled over. SFPD officials did not immediately return requests for additional information.

The humorous episode highlights some of the situations that can arise when driverless cars become more common on city streets.

Cruise, a GM subsidiary, began offering overnight rides to the public earlier this year in San Francisco in driverless cars, although it is not yet chargeable and passengers must request a waitlist.

Waymo, an Alphabet subsidiary, plans to offer free driverless rides in its cars in San Francisco to members of a test program, and has made “tens of thousands” of driverless rides in Arizona.

Nuro also has a rollout license to operate driverless cars in San Francisco, but the startup is focused on delivery, not a taxi service.