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Taxi operator ACT has “only himself to blame” for dragging out a small claims dispute after frequently claiming he had “phone problems” and “technology barriers” that did so miss numerous court hearings, which ultimately led to his downfall. All Green Cabs general manager Petar Ivanoviski, also known as Petar Johnson and Peter Johnson, and a driver ended their working relationship after working together for just a few weeks starting in November 2019. In February of the following year, the former driver filed a lawsuit claiming Johnson owed him $ 5,136, ACT civil and administrative court documents show. After struggling to reach Johnson for much of 2020, the court held a conference in February this year, but Johnson, who was scheduled to appear remotely, did not answer his cell phone. A month later, he also failed to attend a court hearing which ruled in favor of the former driver. In a follow-up hearing in April into financial damages, Johnson again failed to answer his phone, but then emailed the court for a “new court date to be set.” He said he did not receive a call because the phone reception on his rural property was intermittent. In defending the case, he also said that “justice has not been served in this case”. The case was re-listed for a hearing in May, but when the time came, Johnson again didn’t go off the hook despite being called four times in 10 minutes. The court clerk also came out of the room to call him in case he showed up in person before his request was denied. He then called and emailed the court to tell them he was having “phone problems.” “We continue to have technological barriers for this hearing and we ask that the case be heard in person so that the case can move forward,” he said. In May, Johnson, who also vowed to rectify his technical issues, including going to an urban area, asked the court to put aside everything that had happened in the previous 18 months and start over. In its ruling, the court said Johnson “appears to have taken no action, until April 7 inclusive, to resolve the issue confidently and effectively. [phone problems]”. In a subsequent request, he alleged that the former worker was attempting to” extort money from our company through intimidation and the inappropriate use of public institutions. “Telephone reception problems. MORE NEWS In In a recent ruling, presidential tribunal member Geoff McCarthy dismissed the appeal and said Johnson was indifferent to the tribunal process. Mr McCarthy said if Johnson was motivated to participate he would have arranged for s ‘ensure it was at a “The record shows that this is Mr. Johnson’s consistent approach to the Respondent’s complaint against his company,” said Mr. McCarthy. ” Yet he argues that the appeals tribunal should nonetheless start over in the interests of justice. “I do not agree.” Mr McCarthy said Johnson had been given “many opportunities” to present his case and was responsible for his own failure to do so. As to Johnson’s claim that the former driver’s case was unfounded, Mr McCarthy said if it did, Johnson could and should have attended the hearings to make his case. “He didn’t do it for reasons for which he is only responsible for himself,” he said. Mr McCarthy said giving in to another Johnson demand would be “contrary to the proper administration of justice” and further abuse of the court process. Johnson was ordered to pay the former driver $ 5,705, which includes $ 400 in interest, caused by his delay, on the debt owed. ACT All Greens Cabs was contacted via social media and email for comment after its listed number failed to ring on numerous call attempts. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:




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