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Air Taxi Service May Start From Hubballi To Karnataka Soon – The New Indian Express


Express news service

HUBBALLI: Hubballi may soon benefit from an air taxi service in the coming days, as an agency has obtained clearance for overnight parking at Hubballi Airport. If all goes according to plan, an air taxi will be parked at the airport 24 hours a day.

Although there was a possibility of landing at night and enough space to park the boats, there was no possibility of parking the boats overnight at Hubballi Airport. Some airlines have requested authorization for a night stopover or parking at the airport and they were awaiting the green light from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCI).

Recently, a Gurugram-based air service company called “Air Taxi” requested overnight parking at Hubballi, for which permission was granted.

An officer said the airport has a facility for parking seven boats at a time, but so far it has not been used as no air service is provided, the facility has required . Charter flights were used to book from other cities and flights used to carry air passengers to / from here.

Airport manager Pramod Thakre said the air taxi agency had opted for an overnight parking permit for a four-seater plane and the DGCI had given the clearance. The agency has not yet given a concrete plan for their operation from the airport, once they have given all the details we will know if it will be a scheduled flight or not.

The agency will park its boats there and operate from this airport. It would be a non-scheduled commercial flight service and would provide charter flight service from the city. Residents of the city or other towns with air connectivity can book charter flights from Hubballi, another officer said.

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