An open taxi rank will improve services; reduce the financial burden on operators


Trade and Transport Minister Faiyaz Koya said that an open taxi stand would improve services and ease the financial burden on transport operators.

He said that although the applicable law has not yet started with the date that would be published at a later stage, there will be a new system for taxi operators when it comes into force.

He said a system would in fact provide uniformity to all taxis.

“The Open Taxi Rank will allow Fiji taxis to operate in their designated areas on a first in, first out basis. Similar to most countries in the world and the removal of basic stalls and station fees that public service vehicle licensees pay and replaces it with an annual PSV fee, ”Koya told parliament more early in the week.

He said this particular framework guaranteed taxi drivers and operators opportunities to work and operate in the unit while actually reducing illegal operators.

Mr Koya said the Fiji Roads Authority is working with the ministry and the two institutions have agreed to create more open taxi stands in different areas.

He said this would provide more space and reduce congestion for taxis, and especially in high-traffic areas, taxis would now have access to even more open bases.

“In absolute terms there will be more organized bases than before, so it will improve our traffic, traffic jams and planning, especially in high-traffic metropolitan areas and more open tier bases in particular areas, which will reduce accidents and traffic jams, usually caused by taxis suddenly stopping for passengers on an ad hoc basis and operations will become more and more orderly, Sir, as we are seeing in countries like Singapore. ”

Mr Koya said that once the work on marking and reorganizing the open ranks is completed, the start dates will be announced.

“We will have to go around the country, have a little more consultation on where this is happening and the consultation regarding the taxi operators, as well as the advice and the FRA.

“The work is underway, the government will continue to pay for the base and stand costs announced in the budget and the transport sector as a whole has been among the hardest hit, but a carefully crafted budget will go a long way in alleviating some of the costs. the burden they face.


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