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Angry, Confused Flair Airlines Passengers After Delayed Halifax Flight


HALIFAX – Tina Rennie woke up at the Best Western in Truro, Nova Scotia on Friday morning not knowing how she would get to the Halifax airport for her afternoon flight back to Ottawa.

For reasons unknown, Flair Airlines took her by bus to Truro for Thursday night after mechanical issues delayed her plane. According to Rennie, she and other confused and frustrated passengers were stranded at the airport until 11 a.m., before a sea bus took her to the hotel in Truro. The distance between Truro and the airport is 75 kilometers.

At first, Rennie didn’t even want to get on the bus, because Flair hadn’t even told her how she would get back to the airport on Friday.

” That does not make sense. There must be a hotel room here in Halifax. Like, I could take the city bus to the airport, ”Rennie said.

“I said, I don’t even want to get on that bus, you’re not going to be able to get me back.”

Rennie asks for a Flair rep, at one point she suggested he pay for the long cab ride to the airport and get a refund later. An option that wouldn’t work for her.

“Do you want me to pay for a cab from Truro to the Halifax airport tomorrow morning?” I said I couldn’t do this.

A cab ride from Truro to the airport costs $ 80, according to a cab company.

She was also told that the same bus driver taking her to Truro would pick her up the next morning. But, according to Rennie, the bus driver knew nothing about these plans.

“No he’s not, he’s standing here right now with me, he doesn’t have that information,” Rennie recalled.

Huddle was talking to Rennie with her flight just a few hours away, and she still didn’t know how she would get from Truro to the airport.

Delayed flight, confusion and compensation claims

Rennie was in Newfoundland for a week on vacation. She arrived on a WestJet flight to Halifax at around 8 a.m. Earlier that morning, Flair sent an email advising passengers of the 10:15 am flight delay to Ottawa.

Upon arrival, she was offered a refund so that she could book with another airline. But that wasn’t an option, because his plane ticket was so cheap that he wouldn’t be close to paying for another airline’s flight.

“I didn’t want to get a refund because even though I got a refund for the entire flight, it was only $ 167. And the slogan in the lineup was that Air Canada went from $ 800 to $ 1,000. “

Passengers who made a new reservation with other airlines have indeed faced significant expenses. Mark Albright brought his wife and daughter back to Ottawa with Air Canada, costing him almost $ 800 per ticket.

“Of course, when you book at the last minute like this, the total cost of the two tickets was $ 1,550.”

“There are (flights) more expensive than that, so we’re lucky to have this one.”

Albright’s 16-year-old daughter was playing in a demonstration soccer tournament in Halifax with 17 other teammates. Many of them, along with parents and a trainer, also found themselves stranded when the flight was delayed.

According to Albright, a father was considering driving from Ottawa to Halifax to pick up his daughter, when they discovered that another plane might not be available until Saturday.

Albright said his family also couldn’t wait until Saturday for a new flight.

“It was not an option for them, they had to go home; my wife is working and they have already been gone for a week, ”he said.

Now Albright is wondering if Flair will compensate him for the $ 1,550. Otherwise, he hopes his travel credit card insurance will take effect. But he knows that others may not have that insurance option.

WestJet employees help

According to Rennie, a Flair employee took down the names and contact details of the people and told the stranded passengers that an email would be sent to everyone with information, including what was going on with the hotel rooms. .

But Rennie said she had waited at the airport all day and never received an email. She tried to call Flair but was on hold for hours. Rennie says emailing such important information was not a good idea, as some passengers had no way to access it.

“When I was in the line, there was a man in front of me and he was an old man, and he had a flip phone. And I thought, how is that old man? receive (the email)? ”asks Rennie.

Then, at one point, the Flair employees seemed to be gone, with several passengers still with nowhere to go.

“There were three employees there; the next thing you knew, they were all gone. As soon as their line is finished, they go, ”said Rennie.

Fortunately, friendly WestJet employees offered to help.

“The WestJet staff came and they were really helpful and nice to us, and they tried to help us as best they could,” recalls Rennie.

“He said, ‘I’ve contacted the guy (Flair) in Moncton, and he’s going to make sure the staff come back to the airport.’ “

Eventually the Flair employees returned and Rennie was taken by bus to the Best Western in Truro.

Rennie believes Flair owes him and the other passengers compensation for the long delay and all the hardship and plans to pursue the matter.

The delay also interfered with his business. Rennie operates Merry Pop-Ins Housesitting in Ottawa and was scheduled to meet with clients on Friday

“My clients are going on vacation today and I’m supposed to be there to take care of their house, a puppy and two dogs,” she said.

A Flair Airlines spokesperson said they were investigating what happened on Thursday and would return to Huddle. At the time of publication, Huddle had yet to hear from Flair.

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