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Around 240 taxis can carry passengers between S’pore, JB from May 1


SINGAPORE – From Sunday May 1, commuters crossing the carriageway will be able to use nearly 240 taxis that have been approved to transport passengers across the land border between Singapore and Malaysia.

A new paint job for the parking bays of the Ban San Street taxi terminal in Rochor is a sign of what is to come, after two years of sitting empty.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in response to questions that it had approved cross-border taxi permits for 156 Malaysian taxi drivers as of April 22.

Meanwhile, the president of the Singapore-Johor Taxi Operators Association, Teng Kok Tai, 71, told the Straits Times that the 80 Singaporean taxi drivers in his association had obtained their Agensi-approved licenses. Pengangkutan Awam Darat or Land Public Transport Agency of Malaysia in English.

LTA said Singapore commuters who want to travel via cross-border taxis can ride one at the Ban San Street terminal, or call the ComfortDelGro Taxi, Trans-Cab, Strides Taxi or Prime Taxi hotlines.

Under current laws, foreign-registered vehicles are not allowed to provide cross-border passenger transportation services for hire without a public service vehicle permit.

This includes private hire cars, as well as informal taxi operators and fee-based ride-sharing services, which started bragging rights on social media and messaging platforms such as Facebook and Telegram after the full reopening was announced. from land borders between Singapore and Malaysia to vaccinated travel. the 1st of April.

Those caught providing illegal, fare-paying cross-border passenger services can be fined up to $3,000 and jailed for up to six months. Used vehicles may also be confiscated.

Only licensed cross-border taxis from Singapore can enter Malaysia, and they can only go to Larkin Taxi Terminal in Johor Bahru, where they can wait for passengers heading to Singapore. Similarly, Malaysian taxis need a permit to enter Singapore, and they can only go to the Ban San Street terminal.

Before Covid-19, cross-border taxis charged flat fares, with a trip from Ban San Street to Larkin costing $48 per taxi. Mr Teng said his members would charge the same fares from May 1, but the association has asked the Public Transport Council (PTC) of Singapore to raise fares to $15 per person, or $60 per taxi .

The PTC said it received an email from the association on April 26 notifying the council of its intention to adjust rates. But under a regulatory framework that came into effect in October 2020, operators of Singapore-Johor taxi services are required to file such plans at least 28 days before making the fare changes, the PTC said.

They must also post changes at least seven days in advance.

That means the association probably won’t be able to raise fares until May 24 or later.