Bibb Sheriff’s Office urges drivers to stay safe on vacation


A woman killed a 61-year-old man on Tuesday night and the Bibb Sheriff’s Office is telling motorists to watch out for the road.

MACON, GA – Summer is almost upon us, which means more events and people are coming to Macon.

On Tuesday, Tiffany Sayers, 33, was driving under the influence and crashed into Jimmy Long, 61. Long was the owner of ICB Construction Group in Macon.

“Watch the road, arrive alive, enjoy the vacation,” says Bibb County Sheriff’s Lt. Scott Davis.

Davis says it’s best to have someone else drive so you don’t hurt other people on the road.

“There’s a friend, there’s a designated driver, there’s Uber, there’s taxi service. Just make sure you have plans,” he says.

Davis says they always have more law enforcement during the holidays. He says if you follow the basic rules of the road and share the road, you will be safe.

“We’re going to watch for everything — dangerous behavior in a motor vehicle, impaired driving,” Davis said.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says Sayers ran through a stop sign and hit Long. He was walking down Georgia Avenue. His car rolled over and he later died in hospital. Sayers is charged with homicide while driving and impaired driving.

“If you just follow the basic rules of the road, you’re fine, but that’s what we’ll be looking for to help correct that behavior to make the environment safer,” Davis said.

Davis says when he’s working he always sees distracted drivers, but says over the weekend law enforcement will be watching drivers who aren’t paying attention. He says they are not trying to isolate drivers, but want to make the roads safer.


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