Bolt taxi service launched in Newport


App-based taxi service, Bolt, is launching in Newport after successfully launching in Cardiff in 2021. The Estonian company is available in many cities across Europe, UK and Africa.

Newport is the 17th city in the UK that Bolt has launched and customers can use the service from Wednesday. To do this they need to download the app and then enter some details like their name and payment details and then they are free to ride.

The app works by entering where you want to go, selecting that location, and then waiting for a driver to confirm the ride and pick you up. Once a driver confirms a trip, you learn the driver’s name, car type and color, and the car’s license plate number, ensuring customers only enter certified and safe cars.

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Before customers confirm the ride, the price of the ride is also shown, along with the distance between the driver likely to confirm the ride and the customer’s chosen pick-up point. Bolt drivers earn a 15% commission and the Bolt license covers all of Newport.

Josh Ryan, Director of Operations for UK Expansion at Bolt, said: “Our goal has always been to provide affordable, safe and convenient journeys to the more than 4 million customers who turn to Bolt for to move. This is truer than ever, as we hope to continue to play a role in helping drivers and passengers in Newport and across the country regain a sense of normalcy post-pandemic.

Currently, other services like Bolt where customers order a taxi from an app are available in Newport including Uber and Dragon Taxis. In August 2021, Dragon Taxis had to raise prices during peak hours in Newport due to a “serious shortage” of licensed drivers.


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