Color-coded roof indicators are a must for kaali-peeli taxis in Mumbai; what do the signals indicate?


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Bombay: The Mumbai Transport Authority has made it mandatory for all black and yellow taxis operating in the city to install the colour-coded roof indicators by March 31, 2023. The LED indicator will show whether the taxi is leased, vacant or if the driver wants to take a break.

The Metropolitan Region Transport Authority (MMRTA) believes rooftop indicators will ensure less refusal from taxi drivers.

Color codes

Red – If the indicator on the roof is red, this indicates that the vehicle is rented.

Green – Green color indicates that he is ready to be hired.

White – When the light is white, the cabin is not in use.

The lights will have ‘For Hire’, ‘Hired’ and ‘Off Duty’ written in English as well as Marathi. The letters on the indicators should be either front or front and back for clearer and better viewing, the notification says.

The transport authority has instructed the respective regional transport officers to ensure that the indicators are installed on the taxis before the deadline.

The project was first proposed in 2012. There have been several attempts in previous years to enforce it. However, it was delayed due to several reasons including the language issue. According to the government estimate, Mumbai has about 44,000 black and yellow taxis.

Previously, the government had also considered similar indicators for rickshaws. However, no notification in this regard has been issued to date.

Meanwhile, the Mumbai Traffic Police have temporarily stayed criminal cases for failing to install seat belts for passengers in taxis. The police have decided to suspend their inspections until November 15. Almost half of kaali-peeli the taxis don’t have rear seat belts and they asked the authorities to give them more time to install the seat belts.

The city’s traffic police issued an ordinance on October 14, based on the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, that the wearing of rear seat belts will be made compulsory from November 1 throughout the city. town.


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