ComfortDelGro taxi driver got mad and kicked pregnant woman with 2 kids out of her taxi instead of taking them home


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A man took to Facebook on Monday (August 22) claiming that a ComfortDelGro taxi driver was unhappy with his passengers, a ‘heavily pregnant’ woman and her two young children, and suddenly dropped them off at Toa Payoh instead of their home. in Yishun.

The man had booked the taxi for his wife and children through the company’s app for 9:54 p.m. that evening. The driver, Lim Chye Beng, picked up the woman and her toddlers from Marsiling, Mr Zdhnray Mohammad wrote in a much-shared post.

However, instead of leaving immediately, the driver made the woman and children wait in the taxi for more than five minutes while he smoked a cigarette.

Mr Zdhnray’s wife asked the taxi driver to take his “preferred route (BKE – SLE – Mandai)” instead of the longer route via CTE he was suggesting.

“In the car, my wife was busy taking care of two sleeping toddlers without realizing the journey. When the driver reached the freeway, he passed SLE towards PIE,” Zdhnray wrote.

When his wife noticed that “something was wrong”, she asked the driver why he was heading towards Toa Payoh.

The man got defensive “and lied saying ‘No, ahead there’s Mandai’, as he clearly walked towards Lornie Rd/Braddell.”

After that, the taxi driver asked the woman how much she usually paid when traveling from Marsiling to Yishun, to which she replied that the fare was usually less than $20.

At that time, the driver got angry.

“Much to my wife’s horror, the driver said, ‘Like this, I’ll drop you off at Toa Payoh. You’re going to take another taxi, I don’t want to drive you!

I want to go home, I stay in Toa Payoh. You are wasting my time and my essence.

Panicked, the wife called her husband, and he asked to be put on speakerphone so he could talk to the driver.

“I ordered the driver to send my wife and children back to Yishun, but the driver simply refused to do so.

Without any sympathy, the driver just dropped off my wife and kids at Toa Payoh and refused to send back to Yishun when he was wrong and knew my pregnant wife was with 2 sleeping toddlers,” Mr. Zdhnray.

The incident left her “shocked and emotionally devastated”.

When she called the company’s customer service to complain, the agent was initially unhelpful.

“The customer service agent asked what happened while she was typing the whole thing. When my wife stopped to breathe, the officer stepped in and asked why she hadn’t accepted the $20 offer.

She said ‘Since the driver offered you $20, why are you still crying?’

My wife replied that she hadn’t completely told the whole situation. It was only after my wife explained everything that the officer began to acknowledge my wife’s traumatic experience.

Mr Zdhnray went on to describe the incident as ‘totally disgusting and resulted in a traumatic experience, especially for my wife and children’.

“Not only was the driver rude, but inhumane to drive to a location far from the actual destination when he knew my pregnant wife was with 2 toddlers who were crying because of the whole situation. What kind of human does that? ! Also, poor service from Comfort DelGro.

Now my wife has trouble sleeping, has a series of panic attacks and shortness of breath. Who is going to be responsible for all of this? he added, asking for a “full refund and an explanation for that with follow up action on the driver!!! »

Ms Tammy Tan, corporate communications manager for ComfortDelGro Group, told AsiaOne via email that the driver had been fired for his “completely unacceptable” behavior.

“Our taxi drivers must be professional in taking the correct or preferred routes and completing every trip they take.

In this case, the behavior of the taxi driver was completely unacceptable. As such, we have terminated his employment contract with immediate effect. We are also in contact with the passenger and her husband to let them know our regrets about what happened and to give them assistance,” she told AsiaOne. /TISG

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