CT woman describes terror in alleged kidnapping attempt by driver who calls via email


A Cape Town woman who jumped out of a moving e-hailing taxi, fearing she would be abducted, says she refuses to become a statistic.

CAPE TOWN – A Cape Town woman who jumped out of a moving taxi, fearing she could be abducted, says she refuses to become a statistic.

Last week, Milleston Sass (25) and her friend were traveling from Bishop Lavis to her home in Elsies River.

Sass is a photographer who relies on online transportation to do her job. But after the near-abduction, she is scared, traumatized and reluctant to use such services in the future.

It comes amid concerns over kidnappings given the disappearance of Shireen Essop whose car was found abandoned earlier this month.


Sass said his e-hailing driver took several detours during the trip, saying he wanted to get to a gas station.

She became suspicious when she noticed the driver was not using the email service app on his phone and saw him texting while holding his phone under the steering wheel.

Sass then texted her friend sitting next to her, warning her that something was wrong and that they should leave the vehicle immediately.

Sass initially jumped, narrowly missing an oncoming vehicle before hitting his head and suffering a seizure.

Her friend jumped out of the vehicle a few meters away and injured her ankle.


Bolt told Eyewitness News he did not receive any reports of the incident through the app or via email.

The email service, however, suspended the driver as a precaution pending further investigation.

Bolt says his security team arranged to call one of the women on Tuesday, adding that the ride was greeted by a friend of the two women and was not listed on either of their Bolt profiles.


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