Delivery driver shot two random men in drive-by crossbow attacks as victims avoided death ‘by millimetres’


Additionally, CCTV was found showing Ramdeen entering his address with the crossbow.

Although the motivation behind the attacks was never fully established, he pleaded guilty to two counts of Section 18 GBH at Isleworth Crown Court.

Ramdeen was sentenced to indefinite hospitalization.

He was sentenced at a virtual hearing at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday to a section 37 hospital order with a section 41 restraining order, meaning a ministry panel of the Interior should agree to any change in Randeem’s detention.

The judge noted that he considered Randeem to be dangerous and that if a hospital order had not been the disposal option, he would have handed down a sentence of 14 years and 9 years in prison, four of which would have been served under licence.

Detective Inspector Daniel McInerney said: “It is no exaggeration to say that in both cases the difference between life and death was only a matter of millimetres.

“If the bolt variation had been so slightly different, two sets of families would have lost a loved one and we would have looked at two very different investigations.

“It’s pure luck that the second victim happened to be so close to a hospital. The doctors and nurses saved this man’s life.

“The work of the investigation team to bring Ramdeen to justice has been determined and thorough. No effort has been spared to find the person responsible, and the overwhelming evidence we have presented has left Ramdeen with no no choice but to plead guilty to these horrific attacks.

“I am also very grateful to the victims for the support they have given us after all they have been through, and to the members of the public who have come forward to provide us with vital information that has led to the identification and the capture of Ramdeen.

“Although Randeem’s motive was never established, the judge made it clear that he is considered a danger to the public and was sentenced appropriately.”


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