Drivers foot the bill for Uber’s EV taxis


A gray electric vehicle with a square rear and a long curved front end.

Uber and Arrival say it’s the taxi of the future.
Screenshot: Arrival

Uber has a terrible toll of exploitation of workers. In the USA, ridesharing company and rival Lyft have both backed bills to limit workers’ rights, and Uber only started offering its UK drivers pensions after a court ordered it. Despite successful efforts to avoid recognizing the people who do the work that creates its income as “employees, he’s lost another $ 25 billion since 2016, and that’s not exactly clearly how they plan to make money.

But now, Uber works with UK electric vehicle startup to develop battery-powered taxi that its drivers may one day have to buy.

This is supposedly part of Uber’s stated goal of reducing emissions by 2030. As part of this program, the company wants to “help” its drivers – who drive and are responsible for maintaining their personal cars and who Uber has spent millions to deny employee status – to switch to electric cars by 2025.

The Arrival Car with its four doors and its trunk open

Look, it even has doors and a safe!
Screenshot: Arrival

As part of this plan, Uber has partnered with Arrival of a UK-based EV start-up to create the battery-powered taxi of the future.

Arrivage has so far come up with creative concepts for a battery-powered van and bus, and has now released details of its first prototype electric car. The vehicle, which Arrival says has been in the works since May, was created with input from Uber and its drivers in the UK.

The company does not offer details on the specifications of the new electric taxi, but is committed to reassuring drivers that it would be able to survive the extra work that a car is carried out when used for services. transport.

The trunk of the arrival car

The trunk was designed to hold four large suitcases.
Screenshot: Arrival

The car, which will begin testing in the UK next year, has been designed to provide the best possible driving position and increased comfort for passengers. As such, Arrival says it offers the same legroom as a “Rolls Royce” in a car with the same footprint as a VW Golf.

Arrival presented the car in a YouTube video who sees British taxi drivers familiarize themselves with the car for the first time. In the movie, features like a panoramic glass roof, large LCD screen, and ample trunk space are all featured.

The car can easily be compared with the other UK electric taxi, the all-electric London Cab which is currently produced by Chinese electric vehicle maker Geely.

Both cars aim to provide the best driving experience and agility to make city center driving a snap for any UK taxi driver. But where Geely’s Electric Taxi is a glorious throwback, Arrival’s follows the angular designs found on the latest electric vehicle raft.

The design is superb and I can’t wait to see it on the road or take a ride in the back of a vehicle. But I hope Uber can clean up their attitude towards their employees by the time the arrival car is delivered to their drivers.


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