Drunk driver in UK asks judge not to ban her as she “should use public transport”


A wealthy 24-year-old resident of Cheshire, England, has appealed to the court not to ban her from driving because she does not want to use public transport after being apprehended by police for driving while intoxicated. Kay Holcroft, an accounting assistant for a fashion chain, went out with her friend and had a few glasses of white wine. After the encounter, she took a 30-minute train trip which she said was enough to dispel the alcohol in her system. Kay parked his car near the station and thought about returning to his lavish Prestbury home. A few kilometers later, she was stopped by police as she was seen swinging on the road. When the socialite was given a breathalyzer test, she was found 21 points over the limit, after which her car was seized, Manchester Evening News reported.

“Police saw the accused’s BMW 116D Sport driving erratically. When stopped, officers could smell alcohol on it and her eyes were glassy and red,” prosecutor Gareth Hughes said. ordered a 15-month driving ban, to which Kay objected that the ban would have a huge impact on her. She said she would have to take public transport for her job, which she couldn’t do .

Kay’s request reeked of privilege and was not granted by the court. In addition to confiscating her license for 15 months, she was ordered to pay £ 320 (around Rs.33,000) in fines, fees and surcharges.

“We take into account the work you do, but if you’ve had a drink you should take a taxi. Go out and have a drink but book a cab next time. A taxi would have been much cheaper than losing your license for 15 months. We hope you got the message, ”the judge said.

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