EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi takes the defense as DA congratulates taxi drivers on protecting shopping centers


Pretoria – While EFF’s Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi slammed social media for warning against “sending vigilante groups” to guard malls, Gauteng’s DA praised taxi drivers for their role in protecting shopping centers against threats posed by looters.

Ndlozi has been criticized on social media after warning against “sending vigilante groups” to guard malls.

“The Mzansi do not celebrate the taxi drivers, landlords, Indians and white militias who are in charge of ‘maintaining public order’ during a public riot. They are not law enforcement officers; they are citizens like us! Do not give credibility to this trend; it’s dangerous! ”he tweeted.

Some people who responded to the tweet believed it was dividing the audience, while others said Ndlozi was right.

TAXI operators and informal traders with law enforcement officers at the Bosman taxi rank and surrounding shopping malls during their “anti-looting” campaign. | African News Agency Oupa Mokoena (ANA)

Looters rampaged over the past week in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, ransacking shopping malls and stealing groceries, furniture, appliances and other items.

On Saturday, Gauteng Legislature DA Chief Whip Mike Moriarty praised the taxi industry for taking a stand against looting and destruction of property.

He said he contacted the leaders of taxi organizations who are committed to protecting malls from attack and looting.

This was after the National Taxi Association of South Africa took the position that taxi drivers must protect malls from looting. Moriarty said, “I congratulated these leaders and their members. We discussed the importance for all peace-loving South Africans to come together to protect our communities and businesses from violence and looting.

“We also believe law enforcement agencies need to do more to protect lives, property and the economy.”

He warned that those who looted may have thought they were getting rich when they were in fact contributing to unemployment.

He said: “When more jobs are lost and businesses shut down, no one wins – not even the looters.” The DA called on SAPS to hold instigators and perpetrators to account.

“They (SAPS) have the capacity and need to use their resources more efficiently. In addition, it would be in the interests of South Africans for SAPS to engage and join the growing wave of people and civic organizations taking a stand, ”Moriarty said.

He is the latest politician to sing the praises of taxi drivers after Gauteng MEC for public transport and road infrastructure Jacob Mamabolo expressed his gratitude to the industry.

Mamabolo said most taxi ranks are located in and around shopping sites and malls and operators transport labor and customers to those sites.

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