EHang’s Air Taxi Demonstrations Help the Development of the UAM UAM Space in the EU


EHang, the Chinese developer of next-generation aircraft for urban air mobility (UAM) services, has reached a new milestone in its efforts to usher in the launch of air taxis worldwide by successfully completing demonstration flights of his EH216 in an event sanctioned by the European Union.

EHang said its EH216 air taxi prototype performed without a hitch during a session in Spain of the “Air Mobility Urban – Large Experimental Demonstration” (AMU-LED) project, one of the largest EU programs for demonstrating, testing and advancing UAM gear and services to launch. The series of sorties took place in a Galician research center of the Spanish National Institute of Aerospace Technology and met the requirements of the Concepts of Operations that achieved the objectives stipulated under the AMU-LED project.

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To accomplish this, flight data from EHang’s EH216 autonomous air taxi was fed into the technology platform managing the surrounding UAM airspace for monitoring and guidance during demonstrations. The craft safely and efficiently negotiated a range of simulated scenarios likely to be encountered during actual service, including the presence of other unmanned craft in the same U-Space. In response, the EH216 successfully executed conflict management procedures during cruise and the approach to the designated vertiport for landing.

“The EH216 flight demonstrations are of key importance for the AMU-LED project, which enables the development of UAM and U-space in Europe,” said Victoria Jing Xiang, COO of EHang for Europe and Latin America. “With the EH216 flight demonstrations, EHang is proud to continue to contribute to innovative deployments of safe, sustainable and efficient air transport for all through our advanced technologies (UAM).”

EHang’s air taxi prototype demonstration closed the series of UAM events under the current AMU-LED cycle, which started in January 2021. The program is part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. It is carried out as part of its Single European Sky Air Traffic Management research initiative and organizes test flights of new generation aircraft performing different types of missions, including the transport of human passengers and freight.

EHang is one of 16 members of the AMU-LED consortium which includes aerospace research institutes, universities, drone producers, UAMs and air taxi manufacturers and operators, as well as navigation and navigation service providers. U space.

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Earlier this month, the company helped the Spanish National Police carry out test flights of the EHang EH216 air taxi that the acquired strength for official use in emergency response.

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