Electric Scooter Hiring Platform Level Tackles Drunk Driving With New Update


As popular as electric scooters are, it’s undeniable that there is a lack of regulation surrounding their use, especially when it comes to scooter rental platforms. Naturally, this comes with a lot of potential security issues. Tier is one of the most popular scooter rental platforms in the world and is present in 148 cities in 16 countries, mainly in Europe and parts of the Middle East.

Now Tier has released a new safety feature to ensure riders who rent their scooters are of sound mind and body to ride one of these electric two-wheelers. The update was developed specifically to address the growing drunk driving issues, in which a number of crashes are believed to have been caused by such incidents. What makes things even better is that the app, where the sobriety test will be taken, will direct those who fail the test to alternative transportation.

Racers using iOS can now access the test in several operational Tier cities. The test was designed in response to research carried out by behavioral and knowledge consultancy InnovationBubble, and takes into account the main motor functions affected by alcohol consumption. So how does it work? Runners must match the angle of their phone with the angle displayed on a screen in order to pass the test. This will be requested three times from the runner within a predetermined time interval. Riders can rent a Tier scooter if they complete all three screens within the time limit; otherwise, they will be asked to use another means of transport.

What makes things even better is that if you fail the test, Tier won’t just leave you stranded without going home. By including links to taxi services or public transport options on the app’s “fail screen”, Tier intends to help users deemed unfit to ride an electric scooter. To connect users directly to these services, the app could be integrated with a nearby taxi company and transit agency, for example. This sobriety test is the latest cutting-edge safety technology Tier has added to its app to promote safe driving, and it comes after the company teamed up with ride-sharing app Free Now.


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