Ellesmere Port teenager victim of racist abuse in Chester


A teenager who racially abused a taxi driver in Chester and kicked his vehicle has been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds in compensation.

Evan Wright, 19, of Rossmore Gardens, Ellesmere Port, pleaded guilty to charges of racial abuse and criminal damage when he appeared at Chester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday September 13.

Continuing, Emily Comer said it was 4.50am on February 5 when taxi driver Tahir Majeed was working in Chester.

Wright was one of a group of seven people who all tried to get into the taxi, which had a capacity of five passengers.

Mr. Majeed explained to the group that not everyone could get into the taxi.

One of the group, Jacob Sutton, 20, punched the driver’s side window of the cab and kicked the side of the vehicle, and Wright joined him in kicking kicking the side of the taxi.

Mr Majeed was reportedly scared and phoned the police.

As he got out of the car to assess the damage, which included a bent rear-view mirror and muddy marks on the side of the vehicle, Wright returned and hurled racial slurs at Mr Majeed.

He called Mr Majeed a “dirty”, a “paedophile” and a “S***”.

Police arrived and arrested Wright, who apologized for his language during a police interview.

Wright was of good character at the time of this offence, but had since been convicted at Chester Crown Court of affray and received a suspended sentence.

In defence, Chris Hunt said Wright made a confession during a police interview and showed officers his phone, which showed what he had done.

Wright had been going through “difficult times” when the breaches occurred, but had made changes in his life and was now working.

When charged with the other offences, he had initially been denied bail, so he had spent a weekend in detention, which had been a “rude awakening” for him, before the bail is subsequently granted.

His parents did not condone his behavior but were supportive, and he had acted “out of character”. He was also aware that committing other offenses now would result in a prison sentence.

Magistrates heard that co-defendant Sutton had, at a previous hearing before Chester magistrates, been ordered to pay £756 compensation for criminal damage.

Wright was told to pay £850 compensation, as he was also guilty of racial abuse.

He must also complete 100 hours of unpaid work. No court fees or victim surcharges were charged because of the priority given to compensation.


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