Eve chef wants to bring air taxi flights to Manila via eVTOL


Through Arjay L. Balinbin, Senior reporter

EVE Urban Air Mobility Solutions, Inc. wants to bring its Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) project to the Philippines as an alternative for commuters who want to avoid traffic jams in the capital.

“Eve’s eVTOLs are targeted to work in markets where commuters spend a lot of time on the road stuck in traffic. This is common in Manila and cities in Asia, ”said Eve President and CEO Andre Stein. Business world in an email interview on July 7.

“We want to remove these pain points from the daily life of people,” he added.

Eve is dedicated to accelerating the urban air mobility ecosystem. It is backed by global aircraft manufacturer Embraer SA, based in Brazil.

“The average range of our eVTOL [is] designed to be around 100 [kilometers], which means you could travel from Manila to Clark by eVTOL, avoiding a lot of the traffic jams on the road, ”Mr. Stein said.

Eve recently announced her partnership with Ascent, a Singapore-based startup that is powering air mobility in Asia.

Eve said the partnership would advance her eVTOL aircraft’s entry into Ascent’s technology platform that allows users to book charter flights.

“Working with Ascent, we will explore examples of routes and networks that would be ideal for eVTOLs to work in cities and countries and share them with authorities,” Stein said.

“EVTOLs operating in countries could be a reality as early as 2026,” he added.

He said that Eve’s target customers are existing airline operators or potential customers who want to offer eVTOL as an alternative mode of transportation.

Mr. Stein described eVTOLs as “cost effective and low in noise and carbon emissions”.

“Eve wants to make eVTOL accessible to the middle class population. The design of our eVTOLs is focused on safety, ease of use and low cost of ownership. On top of that, [it is] low on noise and carbon emissions. We put a lot of thought into our design. The “cabin” of the eVTOL also accommodates people with reduced mobility, ”he said.


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