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Family and friends of murdered taxi driver march through Newburgh to seek justice in unsolved case


The family and colleagues of a taxi driver killed on duty in Newburgh marched on Thursday to call for justice and change following the murder.

It has been two weeks since Jorge Arbayza was shot in the front seat of his taxi.

On Thursday, his family, fellow drivers and friends marched to Newburgh City Hall to seek justice in the unsolved case.

A total of 25 people have been shot dead in Newburgh this year – many in recent weeks, police say.

Arbayza was the first to die.

“We need the town hall to pay attention to the Spanish community and the taxi drivers. The drivers work hard and do a good service to the community, ”said the victim’s brother, Mario Arbaiza.

Arbaiza wants bulletproof bulkheads and cameras installed in all Newburgh taxis to prevent the tragedy from happening again – what the city sees as a possible warrant.

Eight people were arrested last week in connection with the gun and drug case last week, but not for his death.

Police say Arbayza was shot dead in a robbery that went wrong.

Since his death, another man has been shot four times on Wednesday, two blocks from where Arbayza was killed.

A reward of $ 20,000 is offered for any information leading to the arrest of the killer of Jorge Arbayza.

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