Filming on the ‘Taxi Driver’ sequel is halting – here’s why


‘Taxi Driver’ Season 2 is raising concerns among fans and viewers as the production unit announced its temporary postponement of filming. The drama stars Lee Je Hoon, Kim Eui Sung, Pyo Ye Jin and more, and recently left for Vietnam to shoot overseas. Here is why the production has interrupted its filming.

‘Taxi Driver’ Season 2 Filming Halts After Filming Abroad

The second season of Lee Je Hoon’s “Taxi Driver” is temporarily postponing filming due to the resurgent threat of COVID-19.

(Photo: SBS Drama Official)
Lee Je Hoon

On Thursday, July 15, a representative from the production unit of “Taxi Driver 2” announced that the drama will be temporarily halting filming.

They said, “Some staff members have tested positive for coronavirus. After careful deliberation, we have decided to cancel filming for the time being to put the health of the cast and crew first.”

Press conference

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Recently, the series’ production unit and the entire cast moved to Vietnam to shoot overseas. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most staff have been sent to self-quarantine isolation.

Fortunately, Lee Je Hoon and the other cast members have not been diagnosed with the virus. To avoid this, they decided to stop production.

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As for plans to film in Vietnam, they discuss whether to give it up or continue filming in the country at a later date.

Press conference

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Lee Je Hoon, Pyo Ye Jin

Additionally, “Taxi Driver” follows the mysterious taxi service as it takes revenge on behalf of the victims who failed to seek truth and justice from the law.

“Taxi Driver 2” is expected to be released in the first half of 2023.

Here’s Why Esom Didn’t Reprise His Role In ‘Taxi Driver 2’

Esom has officially left the production unit of SBS TV’s hit series “Taxi Driver,” leaving avid fans devastated.

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Earlier this year, Esom’s agency Artist Company confirmed that the actress will not be reprising her role as prosecutor Kang Ha Na in the new season of “Taxi Driver.”

While Esom was one of the four main characters in the series, the actress had previous commitments she had to fulfill.

Photos of 'Taxi driver'

(Photo: SBS Drama Official)

Artist Company said, “It’s difficult for her to perform in the new season due to scheduling conflicts.”

Meanwhile, Esom is set to headline three upcoming movies, including “Kill Bok Soon” starring Jeon Do Yeon and romantic comedy flick “Single In Seoul” starring Lee Dong Wook.

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She’ll also challenge herself with the slice of life and coming-of-age genre with “Starlight Falls.” She will star alongside former Wanna One member Ong Seong Wu.

Esom And Ong Seong Wu Share A Thoughtful Gift From Yoo Ah In On The Set Of

(Photo: Ong Seong Wu Official Instagram)
Esom, Ong Seong Wu

The film follows a college student who meets two different girls who share the same name and falls in love amid life’s unexpected challenges and hardships.

“Starlight Falls” will hit theaters in the second half of 2022! Don’t miss it!

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Written by Elijah Mully.


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