Freeport woman starts taxi service


FREEPORT, Ill. (WIFR) – As people feel more comfortable getting out and about, a woman from Freeport says she’s ready to take them wherever they need to go.

After almost 17 years of driving taxis in the Freeport area for several businesses, Tonya Blumingburg decided to start her own service called Toniks Taxi, which received her license on July 2 and started operating on July 5. As ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft weren’t very successful in the area, Tonik’s Taxi is one of the few transit services that Freeport residents can take advantage of.

“I am very impressed,” user Todd Schultz said. “Their taxis are all fixed. Very punctual … and I think I have a lot of confidence in them at the moment.

Schultz and his fiancee Delphine Aguina frequently use Tonicks Taxi. They both suffer from epilepsy and use the service to travel around the community.

“I feel like I can trust them 100%, I can count on them 100%. And I’m so happy that they finally came out and built a new service for themselves, ”Aguina said.

To obtain a business license in the city of Freeport, taxi companies must obtain state-certified inspections on all of their vehicles. The Freeport Police Department must also check taxis – to make sure systems like air conditioning, heating and seat belts are working properly. Blumingburg says she is happy to help the community, especially with more residents.

“We received a lot of thanks and appreciation just for getting there, getting them on time and getting them to where they needed to go. People at work and appointments. It’s… Just knowing they’re happy means a lot, ”said Blumingburg.

Blumingburg’s sister, Renee, and another employee share the driving responsibilities. She estimates that they manage around 100 trips per day. Currently, they are using an SUV to drive residents, but Blumingburg plans to purchase another vehicle.

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