How Getting Kids To School Is The Latest Pandemic Headache


Figuring out how to get kids to and from school has always been a problem, but with the return of face-to-face classes and a precarious situation back in the office, the usual fall headache has become more acute.

For many parents who are still working from home or attempting hybrid arrangements, meetings start earlier, making the morning crisis even more stressful. Now that bosses have less visibility into the hazy home and work lives of their employees, it’s not always clear whether the first Zoom meeting of the day conflicts with dropping out of school.

This year, Megan Harper has three children who attend three different schools. She spends over an hour dropping off each one in the morning. Her husband comes to pick them up in the afternoon.

Although she works for herself in marketing and event planning, she has a client in the UK who sometimes needs to talk to her in the middle of the school crisis. “Sometimes my husband has to be on duty in the morning and I am on duty in the afternoon, depending on who has meetings when,” she said.

Having recently moved from New York to Charlotte, NC, Ms Harper said she had not considered carpooling with other families because she did not yet know the parents well enough to trust them to drive their children.


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