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How Pulp Fiction’s adrenaline-shooting scene was inspired by Martin Scorsese


So who was Steven Prince and how did he become the subject of a lost Scorsese documentary? Well the above video from Metaflix (by means of IndieWire) identifies Prince as “Scorsese’s friend, a part-time roadie [for Neil Diamond], drug addict and storyteller best known for playing the role of Easy Andy in Taxi Driver. “

The video goes back and forth between the footage from “American Prince” and the reconstructed scene in “Pulp Fiction,” with Prince recounting his version side by side. Many of the details and even parts of Tarantino’s trademark dialogue correspond to specific things Prince said, like when Lance tells Vincent he has to stick the needle into Mia’s heart “with a stabbing motion.”

Vincent uses a magic marker to circle the right spot on his chest, just like Prince did with his overdosed friend in real life. It soon becomes apparent that Tarantino was drawing a lot from the proverbial “real Hollywood story” when he wrote the adrenaline-fueled scene in “Pulp Fiction”.

Although it never saw the light of day in terms of release, “American Boy: A Profile of Steven Prince” has always lived in bootleg form. Metaflix assumes Tarantino got his hands on a copy of the bootleg while working as a video store clerk in Manhattan Beach, Calif., In the mid-1980s.

In 2009, filmmaker Richard Linklater interviewed a much healthier-looking prince, who explained that he gave up his old lifestyle and retired from the movie business to avoid falling into an untimely grave. However, he said the experience he had of giving someone an adrenaline rush when he was younger was “almost exactly like” the scene Tarantino portrayed in his 1994 Oscar-winning film.

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