Hutley lists the FIVE things he misses about the iconic diesel black cab


Image credit: Tom Hutley (YouTube)

A well-known London taxi driver took a trip down memory lane driving an iconic TX4, sharing personal stories and listing some of the things he misses about the black cab.

Tom Hutley, London taxi driver and successful YouTuber with over 50,000 subscribers, went over some of the key features he misses on the LTC TX4 Diesel Black Cab.

Only two of the key points included the nimble handling of a slightly smaller cabin and the simple nature of the mechanics to maintain and repair the cab.

There are thousands of TX4 taxis still in service across the UK. The latest taxi model, the electric LEVC TX, however, is expected to overtake the TX4 diesel cab as the most popular vehicle permitted in London in the coming months. Currently, 6,580 TX4 taxis are still operating in the capital.

The iconic looking TX4 is a purpose built taxi by the London Taxi Company in Coventry. From 2007 until their liquidation in 2013, the TX4 was manufactured by LTI (London Taxi International).

The TX4 shares a close resemblance to the two previous models, the TX2 and TX1. The overall distinctive design has evolved from the Austin FX3 of the 1950s to the latest electric taxi model, the LEVC TX.

The video is the latest to appear on Hutley’s YouTube channel, which has been a huge hit with viewers since its launch in March 2020. The black London taxi driver and skilled taxi guide has completed the ‘knowledge of London in 2017 after 3 years of studying. Four years into his job, he now has a fast-growing YouTube channel and recently launched his own blog.


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