Hyundai Motor and Kakao Mobility team up to launch self-driving taxi service


Hyundai Motor Group and Kakao Mobility recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to launch a taxi service using an autonomous vehicle. The companies revealed on Monday September 19 that they would conduct the first trial sometime this year.

The agreement between Kakao Mobility and Hyundai Motor Group will start with testing the driverless driving technology, then they will proceed and launch the new service in the market. According to the Korea Herald, as part of the deal, the companies agreed to install the Kakao T taxi app on Hyundai Motor’s RoboRide self-driving taxi, which is an Ioniq 5 model.

The RoboRide is a level 4 electric vehicle that is considered a fully autonomous car, although there is still an option for a human driver to control it. On the other hand, Kakao T was introduced in 2015 and currently has 30 million users.

It has been reported that Kakao Mobility has formed partnerships with tech companies working on self-driving based on its massive user base. He builds relationships by sharing his expertise and data.

Anyway, the automaker has already conducted a pilot program in the Gangnam area. She deployed her RoboRide self-driving taxi around the area to improve it before the actual service started. Hyundai has collected driving data that will serve as the basis for improving the driving performance of taxis on the road.

“The latest agreement will provide customers with the opportunity to experience Hyundai Motor Group’s self-driving service through Kakao Mobility’s platform,” said Jang Woong Jun, senior vice president and head of advanced driver assistance system development. driving (ADAS) from Hyundai, in a press release.

He added, “Through the MOU, we expect Hyundai Motor’s self-driving technology to be available to more customers through Kakao Mobility’s platform. The two companies will collaborate for practical use of the RoboRide by consumers in everyday life. »

Chang Sung Wook, director of Next Mobility Labs of Kakao Mobility, also said that this partnership will start in the new era of advanced autonomous driving in the country. Meanwhile, Korea Joongang Daily noted that with the collaboration of the two companies, Kakao T app users will now be able to book a ride with Hyundai’s RoboRide driverless taxi. The rides will initially be available as part of the test service before the end of this year.


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