Indian Uber driver in Poland reveals his earnings


Uber has given drivers from any country unique opportunities to travel to another country and earn a decent living.

We look at the income of an Indian Uber driver in Poland. Poland is located in Europe and many Indians migrate there in search of decent job opportunities. Uber is a multinational company that operates in many countries around the world. Therefore, if you know how to drive, you could easily become an Uber driver, even in other countries. Recognizing the value of this avenue, Avtaar Singh from Punjab, India emigrated to Poland. Here is his story and the salary he makes from Uber.

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Indian Uber driver in Poland

The video was uploaded by Indian Tripper on YouTube. He interacts with Avtaar Singh, who is an Indian Uber driver in Poland. Avtaar mentions that he likes the lifestyle and standard of living in Poland. There is no family and shares the apartment with 4 other people. The rent for the apartment is around Rs 50,000 per month. When you live with a roommate, food expenses amount to around Rs 6,000 if you cook at home. So that’s an advantage. As an Uber driver, he usually drives around 8-9 hours a day.

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Speaking of salary, Avtaar mentions that he is able to earn around 400 Polish zlotys per day. This video was shot a few years ago. According to exchange rates at the time, this translated to around Rs 10,000-12,000 INR. Hence, the monthly salary should be around Rs 2.20 lakh INR. From this, money must be withdrawn for fuel and maintenance expenses associated with the vehicle. After taking out rent and food expenses, the rest can be your savings.

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Avtaar Singh bought a second-hand Hyundai i20 (2011 model) which ended up costing him around Rs 3.5 lakh INR. With this car, he was able to embark on a career as a taxi driver. You must have experience on Indian Driving License. It makes the whole trip much easier. You don’t have to have expensive courses. Once you have obtained the Polish DL, you can easily apply to become an Uber driver. Share your thoughts on this.

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Indian Uber driver reveals his earnings in Poland

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