Introducing a new taxi company based on an Obey Cabs app


New Delhi [India] Aug 28 (ANI / SRV Media): Founded in 2017, Obey Cabs is an upcoming new taxi service that launched its services with the goal of easily requesting and paying for rides. The company was founded with the vision of providing taxi drivers with better financial and income opportunities while minimizing overload costs for their customers.

Obey Cabs quickly acquired its position as the second Indian taxi consolidation company registered under the Startup India Scheme. The rapid growth has enabled the company to have a total of 32,000 taxis registered under its name and has restarted operations in seven cities in northern India, including Kolkata, Guwahati, Jorhat, Bulandshahr, Lucknow, Bilaspur and Korba.

Their new app aims to allow users to book taxis transparently by having the app automatically identify their location even if the user doesn’t know the exact address. Alternatively, users can also request a callback to notify operators of their location. Users also get additional features like automated notifications for trip prices, live taxi tracking, and discounted service orders for onward trips.

Obey Cabs plans to establish itself as the leading provider of taxi services in India that focuses on the needs of its customers and drivers. With the increase in competition among the big players in the taxi industry, Obey Cabs offered a more personalized touch by being people-centered. Their vision of connecting with their consumer base drives them to ensure comfort, safety, affordable prices and the overall user experience.

Sanjai Kumar, Founder and CEO of Obey Cabs, said, “We are extremely proud of the company’s rapid growth. We plan to provide quality services while ensuring mutual benefit for our customers and drivers. Taxi drivers will be able to get relief from the higher commissions charged by app-based companies and our customers will also be relieved of surge charges. “. Obey Cabs is focused on providing quality taxi services with a driving experience. Using apps ranging from leisure travel and airport transfers to VIP reservations, users also have the ability to select multiple stops and even plan their trips in advance.

At the time of booking, drivers can view all the necessary details in their driver app, including full data of pick-up location, drop-off location, trip fare, distance, payment method (online or offline), etc. before receiving the reservation. Obey Cabs also encourages its drivers to earn money on their own terms by using their own vehicles as a means of transportation and allowing them to transfer company money to their account at any time of the day. Obey cabs also provides call masking features to the two customers, drivers for the confidentiality of their phone number. their 10% commission policy and the unique feature of entering user reservations themselves.

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