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Kalashnikov is now looking to create four- and three-wheel electric vehicles


The Russian company Kalashnikov is best known for its rifles and military equipment, but it is also involved in the automotive sector by developing its own electric vehicles. The Kalashnikov Izh UV-4 four-door electric vehicle made its first appearance in 2018 as a prototype, but a set of patent images that have recently surfaced hint at a possible production version, alongside a more compact version with two doors with three wheels.

Kalashnikov’s story with electric cars began in 2018 when the company presented the retro-styled Electric CV-1 concept, while a spokesperson expressed interest in competing with Tesla. The Izh UV-4 electric prototype followed later in the same year, with a taxi variant making its debut at a 2019 event in Moscow.

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The latest footage from the Russian patent office reveals that the UV-4 hasn’t changed much, retaining the odd shape that makes it look like an oversized Renault Twizy, exposed wheels and military-style doors. The vehicle has a small footprint measuring 3.4 m in length, 1.5 m in width and 1.7 m in height. Equipment should be basic, but it will still include air conditioning, heating, a digital instrument cluster, infotainment display, and adjustable suspension.

Previous company reports have suggested power up to 67 hp (50 kW / 68 PS) allowing a top speed of 80 km / h (50 mph) thanks to the low weight of 650 kg (1,433 pounds). Kalashnikov did not reveal figures for the battery, but in 2019 they claimed it was enough for a range of 150 km (93 miles). Another advantage is the “low risk of fire and explosion in the event of an accident” which was mentioned in the official press release of the taxi variant.

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Moving on to the next, still unnamed vehicle, it features similar styling to the UV-4, but with a significantly shorter body and wheelbase and, most importantly, one fewer wheel on the rear axle. The electric three-wheeler appears to share the front with its four-wheeled sibling, but it has a more rounded shape and no doors, leaving the cabin exposed. Inside there is room for two passengers and some luggage. It also shares the same dashboard layout with the UV-4, but this one also comes with a sunroof.

Kalashnikov did not provide a timeline for the market launch of their electric vehicles, but given that we’ve been seeing full-size prototypes over the past three years, we wouldn’t be surprised if an official announcement followed in the months to come. to come.

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