Kwang Yang and GBG Express join forces to go electric


To electrify its fleet of 26,000 people by 2023, GBG Express plans to adopt Kwang Yang’s electric scooters and the Ionex battery exchange network across the country

Kwang Yang Motor Co (å…‰ 陽 工業), which sells scooters and motorcycles under the KYMCO brand, last week announced a strategic partnership with the country’s largest taxi service provider, Taiwan Taxi (台灣 大 車隊), to electrify the latter’s two-wheeler. delivery fleet, GBG Express (全球 快遞), using Kwang Yang’s Ionex battery exchange solution.

GBG Express, a wholly owned delivery subsidiary of Taiwan Taxi, has 26,000 passengers wearing yellow jackets who deliver food, clothing, groceries and all kinds of goods to the gates of Taiwan’s 132 districts.

The company is also focused on providing business-to-business last mile delivery services and has accumulated more than 40,000 business customers in over 100 industries, including Taiwan’s best-known e-commerce brands, physical stores, convenience stores chain stores and government agencies.

Photo courtesy of Kwang Yang Motor Co

To electrify its fleet, GBG Express plans to adopt Kwang Yang’s electric scooters and the Ionex battery exchange network across the country.

The two companies said they will jointly design delivery-optimized Ionex electric vehicles and promote viable incentive programs to accelerate GBG Express’s transition to an electric fleet, both domestically and later in the country. as it grows globally.

“KYMCO Ionex is a leading turnkey solution for electric vehicles that enables businesses and governments to go electric,” Kwang Yang Chairman Allen Ko (柯勝峰) said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

Photo courtesy of Kwang Yang Motor Co

“The partnership with Taiwan Taxi marks an important milestone for KYMCO as the company is committed to leading the world and helping all businesses enter the electric age,” said Ko.

Kwang Yang is entering the global electric scooter market. In recent years, the company has cooperated with express logistics and car-sharing companies in China and Southeast Asia through capital investment and technical cooperation. It also exports its Ionex electric scooters and battery exchange platform to overseas markets.

“The partnership with KYMCO creates a win-win situation for all three parties,” Taiwan Taxi Chairman Gary Lin (林 村田) said in the joint statement.

Photo courtesy of Kwang Yang Motor Co

“This demonstrates our long-standing and continuous efforts to explore new business opportunities for our cycling partners and to provide better services to our customers. Together with our strategic partners, we will be able to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly transport network, ”said Lin.

With the help of Kwang Yang, GBG Express aims to convert more than 50% of its fleet of 26,000 people to electricity by 2023.

Meanwhile, Kwang Yang is ramping up its deployment of battery swap stations in Taiwan, including installing internal battery swap stations for GBG Express, the company said.

Photo courtesy of Kwang Yang Motor Co

Photo courtesy of Kwang Yang Motor Co

Photo courtesy of Kwang Yang Motor Co

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