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Lagos State taxi driver Mathew Okotie recorded an unusual feat, for which exceptional Nigerians are known, when he returned a laptop left in his vehicle by a passenger in the city.

The local government driver of North Isoko in Delta State on Sunday transported passenger Dimeji Kayode-Adedeji from the Babatunde Raji Fashola railway terminus to Agege, Ikeja, both in Lagos State.

The passenger, who is the founder of Penpushing Media, was on official duty and upon arrival at the rail terminal negotiated with the commercial driver to take him to his hotel, located in the government reservation zone (GRA), Ikeja.

Upon arrival at destination, a member of hotel staff helped pack the passenger’s luggage inside the hotel reception, but ignorantly left the bag containing a laptop and other valuables inside the car.

The driver unknowingly left with the luggage, and while checking in to his room the publisher discovered the missing bag, but unfortunately he (passenger) had no contact with the driver commercial.

However, to the amazement of the editor / reporter and hotel staff, around 40 minutes after losing hope of retrieving his bag, the driver proceeded to the hotel premises to return the luggage.

The driver, in an interview, explained that he discovered the laptop in the back seat of his car, when he stopped at a restaurant to eat, adding that at that time he had abandoned the food and had decided to return the luggage. to the owner.

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Okotie, who said he had resided in Lagos for years, revealed he was a former Nigerian Air Force driver, adding that he also worked as a driver with Vise Product Nigeria Limited, a company private and was attached to the governing body of the organization.

The father of five children, two of them university graduates, explained that he left both government and the private sector, because of the peanuts paid as a salary, and thanks to a higher purchase, he got his first Passat car to start a commercial vehicle business.

The 62-year-old taxi driver said he made the decision to go into a private business because it is a better way to feed his family well, especially his children, who he says are doing well. all well.

“” I have lived in Lagos for years. I am from the local government of North Isoko in Delta State. I worked as a driver with the Nigerian Air Force, and subsequently I worked with Vise Product Nigeria Limited, as a driver, attached to the General Manager, ”he said.

“And later I got into a private taxi business, which started over 20 years ago. I started with Passat which I bought and registered with Ikeja Central Taxi Park. The current cabin I am using is on a higher purchase. I left the government job because of a meager salary, to allow me to work hard and take good care of my family. I have no regrets since I started the taxi job, ”he said.

The driver popularly known as “Ibadan,” who can be reached on 08062434234, believes that contentment has been the secret to his happiness, adding that he is still determined to correct the bad idea that commercial drivers are not responsible, for where his resolve to remain distinct in conduct and character


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