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Launch of the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) in Latvia


LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) has expanded its European network by launching a dealership in Latvia in collaboration with Müsa Motors, based in the capital Riga. Müsa Motors will support the sales and after-sales services of the LEVC TX electric taxi and the VN5 van.

LEVC, owned by Geely, was called the London Taxi Company (until it changed its name in 2017) and is the maker of London’s iconic black cab, known around the world. Latvia is promising for the expansion strategy, as the government is to introduce subsidies for electric vehicles this year to support the national electrification plan. The timing of the launch is expected to merge with the gradual expansion of the electric vehicle market in Latvia.

The TX taxi has a zero-emission range of 103 km, while the vehicle’s range could be extended up to 512 km by applying LEVC’s range extender technology. Representing the world’s first electric taxi, TX models seat six passengers, providing economical transportation and contributing to a greener environment.

Launched in 2015, the VNF has a pure EV range of 102 km, which is extended to 513 km with range extender technology. With a payload volume of 830 kg, the VN5 is to increase commercial delivery efficiency for Müsa Motors customers.

LEVC also expanded its Belgian network earlier this month by partnering with the Celis Group to provide full sales and after-sales service for TX electric taxis and VN5 vans.

Image: LEVC