Letter: Potential for disaster – Anchorage Daily News


The mayor’s plan to house and serve around 500 homeless people in a complex south of Tudor Road risks being catastrophic. The Alaska Native Medical Center and most of the other facilities these people will need to reach are on the north side of this road – a road with a 50 mph speed limit and heavy private and commercial traffic. The darkness of winter and the unpredictability of the clientele almost mean that serious injuries and deaths occur on a regular basis.

Pedestrian deaths that have already occurred a few blocks west, where there are (too few) crossings and traffic lights, should be a clear warning. The planned location of the new facility provides just two waypoints, both of which are a longer walk than impatient customers are likely to take.

Unless the city wishes to provide taxi service or add crossing points that will obstruct traffic, the death rate will be high.

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