LEVC TX cab dome light spotted with new sun visor attached


Photo credit: Wayne Dawe (Twitter)

A newly designed LEVC TX taxi roof light has been spotted operating in the capital after concerns over its performance in sunny weather.

Eagle-eyed taxi driver Wayne Dawe spotted the distinctive ‘TAXI’ light sporting a new black visor designed to shield sunlight from the orange light of the roof.

The new design feature follows feedback from drivers and those trying to hail a black cab, who suggested difficulty seeing if the dome light is on or off. On a nice summer day, the problem is especially prevalent among people trying to wave at taxis that have already been used.

Following initial reactions from drivers and registration authorities, work has been undertaken to improve the visibility of the traffic light. According to Coventry-based taxi makers, the ‘TAXI’ text has been made bolder.

As part of the licensing approval process, a taxi licensed in London must meet the requirements of the licensing authorities. Qualification requirements.

In London, this includes condition 25 which states: “An LTPH approved ‘Taxi’ sign, clearly visible day and night when the taxi is available for hire, must be fitted. »

LEVC continued to listen to feedback on future taxi model designs, but according to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, it was viable that improvements could be made sooner.

London taxi driver Wayne Dawe shared an image of the ‘black cap’ saying, “Looks like the TXE rental light is on trial.”

A TfL official responded to an FOI in November 2021 saying: ‘The ‘Taxi’ sign fitted to the TXe model taxi by the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) has been approved by Transport for London (TfL) for use in 2017.

“TfL carried out visual inspections of the ‘Taxi’ sign under daylight conditions in London and during daylight at the LEVC factory premises. No issues with the lamp were found. The nighttime inspections of the “taxi” sign also did not identify any problems.

“We are aware that some complaints have been raised regarding the TXe Model ‘Taxi’ sign in direct sunlight. TfL has engaged with LEVC and we understand that work is underway to make improvements to the ‘Taxi’ sign.


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