Like father, like son! Regional agent is recruiting child…


A Sussex estate and letting agency has dug into its past for its latest apprentice.

Mishon Mackay recently hired Oliver Sumners, the son of one of Mishon Mackay’s very first employees, Guy Sumners.

The agency was founded by Alex Mackay and Glenn Mishon in 1987 and the team now has 57 employees.

Guy, who now runs an airport taxi service, said: “Alex taught me everything he knows about real estate, and he taught me his way. In the early days of Mishon Mackay, we worked long hours and worked hard and smart – and it paid off.

“The values ​​and techniques Alex has shared with me over the years have served me well ever since. Applying his very high standards of service in any sales environment sets you apart from others and Mishon Mackay wouldn’t be where he is now without the dedication and commitment of Alex and Glenn over the years.

Regarding the future of the real estate market, Oliver suggested that new digital technologies will improve the efficiency of real estate and rental agencies.

He said: “The pandemic has done wonders to advance the use of new technologies or proptech.

“A good example of this is a tool like Giraffe360, where we can use it to perform formal and consistent virtual viewings. Going forward, tools like these will become a mainstream option available to candidates, as well as a viewing in person.

Alex added: “It is important that we invest in the next generation and that our business continues in the right direction with leadership and continuity.

“I would recommend anyone coming into the business, whether in sales or rental, to make sure their employer has a good training program to make sure you can get the necessary qualifications, in addition to receiving the best advice and support in the industry.”


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