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Logistics Tech Summit: creating a frictionless driving experience with in-cab technology


This fireside chat recap comes from FreightWaves’ North American Logistics Technology Summit on Wednesday.

HOME DISCUSSION TOPIC: A look at the future of on-board technologies

DETAILS: Schneider National’s executive vice president and chief information officer discusses in-vehicle technologies the company uses to create a safer and less intrusive driving experience for its employees.

SPEAKER: Shaleen Devgun, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Schneider National Inc.

ORGANIC : Devgun has been EVP and CIO since 2015. He was previously Vice President for Strategy, Planning and Solution Delivery. Prior to joining Schneider, Devgun spent over a decade in management consulting roles at DiamondCluster International and Deloitte.


“Driving is hard enough. It is a difficult profession but a noble profession. … We want drivers to focus on driving and eliminate the need for other distractions. For a very long time, we all asked the driver, “What are you doing now?” “What do you do next?” These are things now that technology makes possible [to answer]. … I don’t need to bother the driver with these kinds of questions.

“Our drivers were very complimentary [of our technology] and they enthusiastically criticized us when we deserved it. … I think there are areas where the drivers were absolutely uncomfortable. … There are some [technologies] that we decided to say, “We think there were advantages, but the disadvantages outweighed the advantages, so let’s put it down.”

“We believe we are providing a top-notch driving experience. I think this contributes greatly to retaining the pilots. … We want Schneider to be the destination of the best of the best. We want to make sure we deliver the most efficient, frictionless cabin experience the industry has to offer. This is the goal we have set for ourselves.

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