Major changes in trains from Cleethorpes and Grimsby to Manchester Airport


The direct rail link between Cleethorpes and Manchester Airport will soon be cut as part of new rail plans announced by the government.

The plans are part of a larger initiative to prevent traffic jams and bottlenecks at Manchester station.

But that means that for holidaymakers in North Lincolnshire wanting direct service, they will now have to change at Manchester Picadilly with their luggage.

The initiative aims to make rail more accessible for 150,000 passengers who travel in the region throughout the year.

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He hopes to cut train passenger delays in and around Manchester by 25%, with some areas receiving trains twice an hour, others getting a new direct link and some losing their direct link together.

The final details of the plans have yet to be worked out and numerous public consultations are still underway. If approved, the changes will be made from December of next year.

According to the central government, the apparent “bottleneck” caused by services like Cleethorpes is far too costly for the country, causing millions of minutes of delay.

Rails Minister Chris Heaton-Harris says the plans are being used to rebuild Manchester after the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “Our Rail Plan sets out our commitment to put passengers first when it comes to our rail network.

“The work we are doing to fix Manchester’s railways, which was bursting to the brim before the pandemic, is all part of us to better rebuild from COVID-19. “

For those representing the northern section of the debate, Liam Robinson, chair of the Rail North committee, admitted that some sacrifices had to be made for the new schedule.

The direct connection from Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport is to be removed under new plans which come into effect in December 2022

He explains: “This part of the network is the belt loop of the northern rail network. She must be able to do her job.

“The interim service solution in this consultation is, inevitably, a compromise, but it gives us the ability to run more reliable services until the working group can provide infrastructure solutions to enable the network to continue. function as it needs to.

“What’s important is that we now have a commitment from the government and the rail industry to develop and deliver a rail map that will allow us to rebuild services smarter and smarter and deliver a strategy out of the temporary schedule that we need in the interim. “

Other direct links, from places like Liverpool, Chester and North Wales, have been retained in future plans.

Victoria Street in Grimsby

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Local travel agents have said it will disrupt vacations for many people for years to come.

Ralph Thacker, Director of Hops Travel in Grimsby, said: “It will definitely have an impact.

“Many customers take the train from Grimsby and Cleethorpes because it is very close. The fact that it goes directly to the airport is also very convenient.

“If people are not driving, there is no real taxi service in our area to get there. This means that a lot of people will have to take the train to London to get to one of the bigger airports.

“I think it will also deter some people from going on vacation with a lack of accessibility. Getting to Manchester is going to be a lot more difficult now without a simple train trip.”

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