Man produced hatchet and hammer in taxi fare dispute


A 57-year-old man who entered his home for a hatchet and a hammer when his daughter was embroiled in a dispute over a taxi fare has been remanded in custody.

Erard Reynolds, with an address at the time in Rowan Heights, Marleys Lane, Drogheda, was told by Judge McKiernan it had been a ‘horrendous experience’ for the taxi driver.

The victim testified that he feared for his life when he saw “a hatchet approaching me”.

He said he managed to take the ax and pound the other man. He radioed the incident and added that the gardaí were “very fast” while other taxi drivers also arrived.

Inspector John Callanan said gardaí were alerted at 7.40am on December 28, 2020 following a report of a dispute with a taxi driver in Rowan Heights in which a hatchet and hammer had been produced.

Reynolds, a father of three, with 27 prior convictions, pleaded guilty, while committing assault, producing a hatchet and hammer.

Attorney Paul Moore said his client’s daughter was a passenger in the taxi. He returned to the house and retrieved these two items.

No assault was carried out. He regretted what had happened and understood how terrifying it must have been. He had drunk five cans a few hours before.

Mr Moore went on to say that his client had ‘severe difficulties’ with alcohol and was doing well now. He no longer lived in Drogheda but in Louth Village. It was no big deal

Judge McKiernan remanded Gerard Reynolds on bail until December 12 for an update. If he were without alcohol, a suspended sentence would be handed down. Otherwise, he would be placed in police custody “in view of his previous convictions”.


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