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Missing Afghan baby reunited with family after being found with taxi driver


Mr Razawi said he traveled two days and two nights to the capital with gifts – including a slaughtered sheep, several pounds of nuts and clothes – for Safi and his family.

But Mr. Safi refused to release Sohail, insisting that he also wanted to be evacuated from Afghanistan with his family. Mr Safi’s brother, who was evacuated to California, said Mr Safi and his family had no pending entry into the United States.

The baby’s family have asked for help from the Red Cross, which has a stated mission to help reconnect people separated by international crises, but said they received little information from the organization. A spokesperson for the Red Cross said it does not comment on individual cases.

Finally, after considering that they had no more options, Mr. Razawi contacted the local Taliban police to report a kidnapping. Mr Safi told Reuters he denied the allegations to police and said he was looking after the baby, not abducting it.

The complaint was investigated and dismissed, and the local police commander told Reuters he helped organize a settlement, which included an agreement signed with fingerprints by both sides. Mr Razawi said the baby’s family eventually agreed to compensate Safi about 100,000 Afghans ($ 950) for expenses incurred to care for him for five months.

“The baby’s grandfather complained to us and we found Hamid and based on the evidence we had, we recognized the baby,” said Hamid Malang, the chief area controller of the post. local police. “With the agreement of both parties, the baby will be returned to his grandfather,” he said on Saturday.

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