Motorists encouraged to obtain T-Tag to benefit from reduced toll rates


Taxi operators and regular motorway users are encouraged to obtain the T-Tag to benefit from reduced fares on the Portmore and Spanish Town toll roads.

The East-West Highway 2000 developer says if a Class 1 taxi operator got a T-Tag now, the driver would end up paying $288 for each trip after the 10e weekly at Portmore Toll Plaza after fare adjustment on Saturday July 9, 2022.

Now, before the fare adjustment, the class one motorist pays $290 for each passage through Portmore without the T-Tag.

Highway 2000 East-West includes Portmore, Spanish Town, Vineyards and May Pen stages.

“With the T-Tag, this driver could pay lower fares after the 10e travel each week after Saturday’s fare change that they now pay without the T-Tag,” explained Ivan Anderson, Managing Director of TransJamaican Highway Limited.

“In Portmore, drivers currently pay $290 for a class one pass and $470 for a class two pass. But if they get a T-Tag, they’ll end up paying $288 for Class 1 and $468 for Class 1 passes for each trip after they turn 10.e every week.”

Anderson also explained that the 10e the weekly trip is free for T-Tag customers to Portmore.

“We want our customers to be aware of all the discounts available to them. For example, taxi drivers and others who frequently use the Portmore section of the highway can get the full value of their 10e trip for the week between every Saturday and Friday, which would effectively make that trip free. This is another advantage of using the T-Tag.

Class 1 and Class 2 drivers who use the Spanish Town section of the highway with a T-Tag also get their 10 back in full.e trip between every Saturday and Friday. They also get a 10% discount for each additional trip during this weekly period.


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