Munoz Launches Franklin County’s Latest Taxi Service | Local News


When Ivan Munoz moved from Miami to Franklin County almost 14 years ago, he immediately understood the need for taxi service.

Beyond Yo Cab in the Pacific there were few options locally with most people stranded if they couldn’t drive themselves.

Most Uber and Lyft drivers don’t come that far from St. Louis, and while some wineries have their own cart or shuttle, public transportation is virtually non-existent.

After taking trains and buses all over Miami and New York, where he is from, it was a huge change for Munoz, who worked for a while before deciding to drive for Uber and Lyft in 2014.

Although he said he enjoys setting his own schedules, Munoz has become unhappy with the way rideshare apps treat their drivers, taking a large chunk of the profit and leaving little for the drivers.

So last year, Munoz started his own service, Franklin County Transport, with two vans.

Ride prices are calculated based on mileage and time of day, and he said he makes sure they are comparable to other services. A trip to St. Louis Lambert International Airport, for example, costs just over $ 100, which is comparable to Uber and Lyft.

Munoz only accepts cash, Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App, with most passengers finding the service through its social media pages or word of mouth as Munoz was busy showing up at many bars, hotels and wineries. local.

He said he averages around 15-20 local trips per week, although local weddings offer the option to bring multiple guest vans home from the same location, and during those busy weekends, Munoz said it would provide up to 100 rides.

Munoz said he supplemented his income by continuing to drive for Uber and Lyft in the St. Louis area when demand for local rides is low.

“If I get a phone call from Franklin County, I’ll tell them ‘I’m going to try to be there as fast as I can,” Munoz said. “I prefer to stay in Franklin County.


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