New details revealed in court about murder case in upstate New York


PLATTSBURGH, NY (WCAX) – New details of a North Country murder emerged Wednesday when the suspect appeared in court.

Police say Melissa Myers, 40, of Plattsburgh, was stabbed to death in the early hours of June 4.

They arrested Vincent Abrams, 44, of Champlain, for the murder.

Abrams had a preliminary felony hearing in Plattsburgh court on Wednesday. The judge did not allow cameras inside the courtroom.

We heard from nine witnesses, including people who were with the victim that night, the local taxi company and law enforcement detectives handling the case.

We learned a lot from a friend of Myers and the victim’s sister who said they hung around Myers’ house most of the day and night doing drugs. Myers’ sister said Abrams was among those present at the house.

Police testified that when they questioned Abrams, he admitted to returning to Myers’ home later that night where he found her dead. They say Abrams also told them he took a vacuum cleaner from the apartment, which they later found in the nearby woods along with the alleged murder weapon and the victim’s purse.

During this part of the testimony, Abrams shouted in court saying, “I never said that!”

The defense argued that prosecutors did not have enough evidence to link Abrams to the murder, but the court ruled in favor of the people.

Abrams is still being held at this time.

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