Non-repayable loans for SMEs: when to apply for them?

Non- repayable loans for SMEs are subsidized loans granted without any obligation to repay principal or interest. In the event that an aspiring entrepreneur wants to start a business, he can evaluate the possibility of requesting a certain sum of money without having to return.

This is a form of loan suitable for certain categories of highly risky subjects (think, for example, the unemployed, women, the generation of NEETs, etc.).

Let’s find out in this guide all the details about Loans: how do they work and when to request them?

  When to apply for Loans for SMEs?

As already mentioned in the introduction, the Loans for lost funds for SMEs are nothing more than loans to start uppers or to all those who, in pursuit of their own entrepreneurial dream, decide to start a company in any Italy.

Often, they fall into this category: very young, women and unemployed who decide to invest capital in an economic activity in any sector (agriculture, manufacturing, services).

It is easy to understand that the Loans for SMEs are a credit product provided by the European Union, the State, the Region or local authorities, suitable to favor employment and entrepreneurial autonomy.

Loss-free financing for SMEs has a twofold value : helping start-ups or growth of companies run by young people and increasing employment.

  Loans for SMEs: What are the necessary requirements?

To submit an application for a non-repayable loan for SMEs, you must have the following requirements:

  • be of age,
  • be resident in the national territory,
  • being unemployed or young NEETs,
  • be in possession of the qualification or technical skills related to the objective of the call for proposals (to be consulted in the detail sheet),
  • ability to create a strategic marketing project for the insertion of one’s business activity,
  • company form (optional).

  Loans Fund: conclusions

In fact, ” all that glitters is not all gold “, it is not always so simple to take advantage of these loans provided by funds made available by the European Commission.

The bureaucracy, the time to access this type of loans and the limited availability of funds are the critical issues that need to be carefully assessed.

For this reason, a very valid alternative is the possibility of applying for a loan for SMEs to Auxilia Finance. If you want to receive more information, contact an Auxilia Consultant, he will be happy to help you realize your entrepreneurial dream.