Oman to allow female taxi drivers and launch female-only taxi service – Middle East Monitor


Women in Oman will soon be allowed to drive taxis in the capital, Muscat, and a women-only service will also be launched from January 20. It is hoped the service will benefit female passengers, students and children, the Oman time Last week.

This decision, considered an important step towards gender equality in the Sultanate, will be the start on a trial basis in the governorate of Muscat, before spreading to other governorates. The service will also offer female job seekers the opportunity to work as taxi drivers or extra income while they look for work.

According to an announcement made Thursday by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, a license for the female taxi service has already been issued. The ministry also mentioned that the service will be made available through the taxi service app, OTaxi.

In the neighboring United Arab Emirates, a women-only taxi service already exists with separate “pink taxis”. It has been reported that the Oman service will follow with a similar color scheme. Earlier this month, it was also reported that Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Traffic announced that women would now be allowed to drive taxis. They can apply for a general taxi license in one of the 18 driving schools in the cities of the Kingdom. It follows King Salman’s 2017 royal decree allowing women to drive in the country, which came into effect in 2019.

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