Payday loans online direct lender: are they really advantageous?

Image result for flexible loansWhy ask for a flexible loan ? What are the advantages ? Flexible loans are convenient and convenient loans, which allow the customer to “skip” the payment of one or more installments in times of economic difficulty (loss of the job, redundancy fund, etc.). We find out in this guide if they are really advantageous and what are the strengths of flexible loans.

Are they really cheap?

The flexible loans are personal loans that allow you to change the amount of monthly payments or to skip payment of the installment (only the principal amount) and to change the amortization schedule, without being imposed penalties.

In a climate of economic uncertainty and employment crisis, such as the one we are experiencing, flexible loans are a “smart” solution and absolutely advantageous for every individual who may find themselves in a situation of economic difficulty, and can not fulfill the contractual obligation.

This explains why the number of flexible loans grows year by year, and are increasingly popular with young people eager to buy a car, carry out a life project or finance an expense.

In addition, any subscriber of the flexible loan contract can spend the amount obtained without having to present any expense documentation.

Apply for a payday loan online direct lender: what are the requirements and documents?

Image result for flexible loansTo clarify the advantages deriving from the signing of a flexible loan, to request one, it is necessary to be in possession of the requisites required by the law and to present the tax documentation , similarly to what happens when any other personal loan is required.

To request a payday loan online direct lender via Purple Payday you need to be:

  • 18 age,
  • residing on the national territory,
  • have a solvency capacity, therefore, a debt-to-pay ratio that is sustainable and does not entail any financial “weight”,
  • do not appear in the register of bad payers.

In order for the request for a flexible loan to be accepted, it is necessary to present the tax documentation that certifies the working and income status of the same (paycheck and Cud for employees, the Unico model for self-employed workers and the Obis model for INPS pensioners).