‘Please find another job’: Jeremy Vine lambastes ‘toxic’ London taxi driver; “Bristol’s cycling infrastructure needs to be reinvented”; Pidcock a doubt for the classics; Snake Trespass, round 2; No more dropper cat; Coffee and bike + more on the live blog


Oh, Twitter. Widely recognized as a place for thoughtful and thoughtful debate (right?), the social media platform can also – surprisingly – provide a largely anonymous haven for some groups’ more toxic opinions.

And so it turned out, when over the weekend Jeremy Vine posted another video of his ride in London, which showed a van driver driving up the path to pass a taxi on what was once the cycle path of Kensington High Street:

One particularly obnoxious taxi driver’s response to the broadcaster’s video was, shall we say, rather blunt:

In fairness, Vine didn’t hold back either:

After some more childish and largely meme-based taunts (I’d probably avoid visiting Tom the Taxi Driver’s profile, as he’s pretty disreputable), one user came up with a handy idea for cyclists to avoid the anti-bike taxi drivers:

This prompted some cyclists, including Simon MacMichael of road.cc, to share their favorite bike taxi stories:

And my favorite, from cycling author Chris Sidwells:

Others, however, were keen to point out that Tom the Taxi Driver certainly does not represent all taxi drivers:

When I was last in a taxi a few weeks ago in the coastal town of Bray, just outside Dublin, we spent nearly an hour chatting with our driver, a cafe owner retired who raced mountain bikes, reminiscing about local cycling legends. like Peter Crinnion. Luckily, he didn’t run the counter…


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